A 12-week Masterclass

Mindset, Motivation, & Moving Forward in Life is a captivating, story-based, entertaining self-help manual for people that lays out a set of simple principles that can help us become more disciplined, behave better, act with integrity, and move toward a more meaningful and engaged life.

"THE Class That Every Human Should Take"

This class is an adventure - it takes you on a journey of discovery. Not only are the live weekly classes invaluable - but the video lessons you have access to forever. This class is an all-inclusive blue print for how to live a good life. 


About Me

Certified Coach & Researcher 


Josh has successfully navigated relationships in cultures all around the world and has served clients in 8 different countries. He also shares his insights into what has led to his successful 15-year relationship with his wife Amanda and his experience with helping family members who were on a dark path. 

The content of this course is based on recent research in evolutionary psychology, modern neuroscience, attachment theory, and interpersonal neurobiology. 

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From Past Attendees

"Josh equals TRANSFORMATION, period end of story! Far exceeded expectations! From my personal well-being, to my marriage, business, and relationships to my children!"


"This has undoubtedly changed my life in every single way. Josh is an amazing mentor!" 


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